Eudox is a calculator for your computer. It is totally free of charge to download and use. Eudox can calculate, evaluate and visualize all kinds of values, expressions and data. It is designed to be a small program delivering quick answers. Eudox can create any kind of plots and makes it easy to copy them in to your assignments. You access both symbolic and numeric algorithms from Eudox such as derivative, integrate, intersection and curve fitting just to name a few.


Create graphics for your assignments
Eudox can create plots for both one and two independent variables and visualize them in curves, parametric curves, density images or 3D plots. You can also add a lot of options so that the graphics looks exactly the way you want. You can then export the graphics to a for example a word processor with just a click.
You can also import data from a file, process the data and show the data with Eudox. There are also possibilities to combine several curves and data in one plot. The possibilities are endless.
Eudox uses an advanced algorithm to scale and draw the axes correct, this even works with functions that contains singularities. However, you can always scale the function by your self if you are not satisfied.
When you create 3D plots with Eudox you can rotate the plot just by holding down your left mouse button and drag the mouse in some direction. This makes it easy to choose a good angle of the plot. Eudox uses an advanced algorithm to make the light effects of the 3D plot look nice and it's fast to draw.
Eudox has a meter that shows how much of the calculation that is done. This is handy when you do large plots, because you know how long Eudox will take to finish. Most of the calculations made by Eudox are done so fast that you don't even notice that the meters moving.

Access algorithms from Eudox
Eudox has a very powerful derivative function. It can find the derivative for all elementary
functions! You can also calculate the numerical rate for a function on a specific x value. Eudox can also handle numerical integrals, intersections, sums, products, curve fitting and much more. You can always choose how exact you want your result to be to compromise both speed and precision.