Manual for Eudox 1.0

Eudox is a powerful calculator with focus on visualization, speed and ease to use. If you need a more advanced calculator than the Windows calculator or want to create mathematical graphics. Eudox is the calculator for you!

Eudox started as a school project to fulfill the need of a computer calculator that was easy to use, could compete with the graphical pocket calculators and still be free of charge to use. After we left the school we continued working with Eudox and after almost a year we are happy to release Eudox version 1.0.

This book covers all the abilities of Eudox. The best way to learn Eudox is to go through it step by step and run all the examples by your self.


Table of contents

Flying start
How to work with Eudox
The interface
Basic calculations
Numerical and symbolic commands
Basic plotting
Advanced plotting
Basic data handling
Advanced data handling
Special functions and variables
Keyboard shortcuts
Final words