Keyboard shortcuts

Copy and paste

Eudox supports the windows clipboard. If you want to copy something to the clipboard you first have to mark some text. You do this by holding down the shift key and then using the arrow keys. When you have marked some text you press Ctrl + c to copy the text to the clipboard.
If you want to paste something from the clipboard you press Ctrl + v. You can also press Ctrl + x to cut something from the command line to the clipboard. If you want to copy text from result field just point at the text with the mouse, press the left mouse button and drag the mouse over the text you would like to copy. When you release the left button the text you have marked will be copied. To copy an image just click on it.

Page up and Page down buttons

You can use the page up and down buttons to scroll up and down in the result field. You can also use the scroll button on your mouse.

Up and down arrow buttons

If you press the up arrow button Eudox will place the last command you typed on the command line. Press the up arrow button again and the second last command will be placed on the command line, and so on. When you have pressed the up arrow button you can use the down arrow button to go back.

Tab button

If you write only the first letter(s) in a command and then press the tab key. Eudox will fill out the rest of the command. However, sometimes there is more then one command that begins with the same letter(s), in this case Eudox will choose one of them, so if you want to change you will have to do it manually.
This works for aliases as well.

F9 button

If you press F9 Eudox will take a screenshot of the result field and save it to "screendump.tga" in your Eudox directory. To open "screendump.tga" you need a photo program that supports the ".tga" file type.

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