Special functions and variables

ConDCWidth and ConDCHeight

These two variables specify the width and height in pixels of all ConDCs (images) that Eudox will generate.
This set the width to 500, the height to 400 pixels and plots a sin(x) function.


IsRad can be set to 0 or 1. 1 tells Eudox to work with radians and 0 tells Eudox to work with degrees. For further information and example about IsRad look at "variables" under the chapter basic calcualtions.


Syntax: Exec[file]

Exec[] executes all lines in a file as if they were written on the command line.
Here is a file with some expressions to calculate. We save the file in our Eudox directory.

Now we execute the file "a.txt" from Eudox.

There is a file named "config.cfg" in your Eudox directory, this file is always executed when Eudox starts. So if you want something to be calculated every time you start Eudox you should place it in "config.cfg". "config.cfg" is often used to set values for some variables like ConDCWidth. If you would like to use degrees instead of radians as default you can add the line "IsRad=0" to your "config.cfg" file.


You can use the timer variable to get how much time elapsed to calculate a command. Just set the Timer variable to 1.


Echo tells Eudox whether to echo your command or just print the result. This calculates 1+1 three times. The first one with Echo=1 (standard) the second with Echo=0 and the last one with Echo=1. To get this result we type like this: "1+1" enter, "Echo=0" enter, "1+1" enter, "Echo=1" enter and "1+1" enter.


Syntax: Say[string]

This turn echo off and then print the string we have entered in Say[]. In this case it is Say[Hello!]


Syntax: NewAlias[alias]

NewAlias creates an alias. When you have created an alias you only need to write the first and maybe the second letter and press tab. Eudox will then fill out the rest of the alias.

WWidth and WHeight

These variables set the window width and height in pixels. These variables can only be used in config.cfg


WTopic sets the topic of the Eudox window. This variable can only be used in config.cfg

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