Flying start

We will jump right in to Eudox and show some very useful abilities. After the flying start we will go trough Eudox step by step.
Type in 56/11 and press enter to get your answer.

You can also let Eudox plot for example the function Sin(x) of x. Type Plot[sin(x)]

Notice how the last result (5.090909) is still displayed but it has moved up to make room for the plot. To copy the plot in to the clipboard just click on it!

Eudox know both symbolic and numerical algorithms for intersections, derivatives, integrals and much more. This finds the derivative to the function Sin(x)/x.

This is just tip of the iceberg of what Eudox can do. If you continue to read this manual you will learn all about Eudox algorithms and how to make plots like these:

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